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Fecha: 21/06/2019

¡Nuevo Proyecto! Eko Distrito

​Ekodistrito, es una nueva urbanización en la ciudad de Salta comprometida con vos y el entorno.
Ekodistrito is a new urbanization process in Salta dedicated to you and the environment. It will include five communities, business districts, multi-family homes and a large paved loop. It is characterized by Central Park, which is a decisive part of the overall urban design, where entertainment and sporting activities will be concentrated, allowing pedestrians to re-emerge in urban spaces. Another decisive factor in this new urbanization process is the direction of the street destined to be in front of the house, depending on the sight of the sun and the main ventilation conditions of the place. This will save energy through passive air conditioning systems in future buildings. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of high-end Swiss replica watches. All replica watches are made with Swiss original movements!